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Art With Cassical Myth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Craftsmanship With Cassical Myth - Essay Example Within the cup gives a knowledge of other two Achaeans, who are engaged with a conversation of the earth shattering occasions impartially spread over the outside friezes. This is probably the most punctual occurrence where a solitary epic subject connections every one of the three pictures. Braises are envisioned dressed like a lady of the hour when she takeoffs from the Achilles camp. A wedding signal is given when she lifts her cloak with one hand and a firm pull at the wrist. She is joined by her military escorts who are in military dress marked as Agamemnon.† In his takeoff, his partner Diomedes a significant Greek legend at Troy makes his quality to be viewed as a sort of prolepsis reference delineated on the opposite side of the jar, at the consulate to Achilles. Our jar bolsters our elective form in the epic convention, that Agamemnon had utilized dangers to proceed to get braizes. This is bolstered by Achilles words to his mom that Agamemnon has his prize away. These wo rds are reverberated their locales in his criticism against Agamemnon and Nestor while having a contention with Agamemnon to present appropriate reparations. Here we start to see the dangers presented on the psyches of the characters and what really happened.Diomedes didn't have a place with the international safe haven scene either did it exist. He is a unimportant reference, as one of the more youthful and generally excited of the Achaean legends. He demonstrates his devotion to Agamemnon and the Greeks. Markons scene secures power by setting Agamemnon in physical contact with braizes, despite the fact that it loses its significance through the oversight of Achilles.

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Factors That Affects the Behavior of Students

Part I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING INTRODUCTION This examination paper is about the variables that influence the conduct of secondary school understudies in managing others. The analyst picked this sort of issue to know about the particular conduct of her individual classmates, cohorts, bunch mates, and so forth. The analyst led this investigation to know the powerful ramifications for the practices. Behaviorism,â aâ movementâ inâ psychology that advocates the utilization of severe test methodology to consider discernible conduct n connection to the environment.The behavioristic perspective on brain science has its underlying foundations in the compositions of the British associationist savants just as in the American functionalist school of brain research and the Darwinian hypothesis of advancement, the two of which stress the way that people adjust and acclimate to nature. These issues disturb relations with friends and grown-ups and meddle with tutoring. Childrenâ andâ adole scents who have conduct issue regularly experience issues that are especially unique in relation to the conduct of understudies of comparable age and social background.Students with behavior issue may show any of a wide assortment of issues. Behaviorâ disordersâ result from numerous causes, including natural, familial, and ecological variables. Treatmentâ ofâ emotional or social issue has incited contention. Explanation of the Problem This examination tested on explore the components that influence the conduct of secondary school understudies in managing others in Maryhill College as saw by the chose third year understudies during the school year 2012-2013.Specifically, the investigation endeavored to address the accompanying inquiries: 1. Which factor influences the conduct of youngsters most? 2. What are the methods of cooperating with others by the understudies with conduct issue? 3. What are the suggestions that may forestall this conduct to turn out to be most exceeding ly terrible? 4. What are the impacts of being harassed on the teenager’s conduct? Criticalness of the Study The examination about elements that influence the conduct of secondary school understudies in managing others is viewed as significant for the understudies, instructors, guardians, and administrators.In this investigation, we will have the option to find unmistakable reasons or reasons for the uncommon conduct of an understudy. On the off chance that we will have the option to find the reasons for this conduct or some potential medicines and suggestions, we can keep it from being more terrible. This examination will profit the guardians by knowing the correct method of child rearing and bringing up their youngsters with this sort of issue conduct and the instructors by staying alert on the best way to appropriately teach their understudies who have been managing this sort of issue conduct. This examination will likewise profit the analyst and the subject educator in the store of knowledge.Scope and Delimitation This examination is directed to decide the components that influence the conduct of secondary school understudies in managing others. The respondents will be from the chosen secondary school understudies of Maryhill Collge. It might likewise be from different fields if necessary. This investigation will be directed for the school year 2012-2013. Meaning of Terms Behaviorism-a development in brain research that advocates the utilization of severe trial methodology to consider detectable conduct according to the environment.Behavior-the manner by which an individual, life form, or gathering reacts to a particular arrangement of conditions Radical Behaviorism - fundamental behaviorism Peers-someone who is the equivalent of another person in age or social class Nurture-individuals are impacted by qualities Genes-the essential unit fit for transmitting attributes starting with one age then onto the next Chapter II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AN D STUDIES This Chapter will introduce studies and writing that will offer light to the researcher’s issue and will assist her with showing up in the investigation and understanding of the discoveries. Related LiteratureThe social conduct and perspectives of a youngster, even as he becomes more seasoned and interacts with an ever increasing number of individuals outside the house, are impressions of examples predominant in the child’s home. Propensity is an enduring availability and office, conceived of much of the time rehashed represents acting in a specific way. Propensities are obtaining tendencies towards something to be finished. The word â€Å"habit-forming† that we use to allude to specific encounters shows how simple to survive or modify. It gets a solid willed individual to address a propensity effectively inside a constrained time of time.Habits are obtained. When obtained, they become extremely hard to change. They are thusly moderately changeless. Se curing a propensity resembles beginning a pathway over a garden. Propensities are not framed in a moment. They result from continually rehashed activities. After they are framed, they don't disappear immediately. It would obtain an enormous exertion to change a propensity. When family foundation attributes were controlled, homeroom impacts, for example, kids' general conduct were broke down, as were cross-level connections among study hall and family effects.The results uncovered that great conduct in the study hall and ampleness of study hall supplies were the most steady indicators of progress in youngsters' discretion and conduct. Besides, cross-level associations proposed that great conduct in the homeroom and supplies can help flexibility by permitting youngsters to defeat certain shortages at home. Suggestions for additional exploration and instructive strategy are talked about. These two types of conduct are identified with quarreling. This may comprise of calling others moni kers that stir their resentment or putting accentuation on their physical or mental weaknesses.In harassing, the aggressor endeavors to cause physical torment on others on account of the delight he gets from viewing their uneasiness and their endeavors to fight back. More established youngsters for the most part participate in these two types of conduct. Companion pressure is related in teenagers of all ethnic and racial foundations with in danger practices, for example, cigarette smoking, truancy, medicate use, sexual movement, battling, shoplifting, and adrenaline junkie stunts. Once more, peer bunch esteems and perspectives impact more emphatically than do family esteems the degree of high school liquor use.The all the more tolerating peers are of dangerous conduct, and the more they take part in that conduct, the more probable an individual is to do something very similar. Culture and way of life emphatically influence conduct for the extraordinarily clear explanation that they are conduct. One's way of life is an assortment of practices and propensities that one sustains. One's way of life is the setting where one establishes those practices and propensities which make up one's way of life and, because of the idea of setting, culture will, of need, influence one's way of life and, by association, behavior.All youngsters take part in terrible conduct once in a while however a few kids show exceptionally testing conduct that are reliably improper for their age. Frequently those kids don't just show a conduct issue, yet have a fundamental conduct issue. While there are numerous social issue that may e analyzed in youngsters, three of the most widely recognized incorporate Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Social Development implies the accomplishing of development in the social relationships.It is the way toward figuring out how to adjust to bunch guidelines, mores and conventions and turning out to be permeated with a feeling of unity, intercommunications, and collaboration. It was applied to a gathering inside the sociologies by and large comprehended to envelop human sciences, human science, and brain research, aside from certain nonbehavioral or nonscientific parts of other social and organic sciences, for example, science, financial matters, history, topography, law, psychiatry and political theory. The point of conduct science is to build up speculations about human conduct that can be bolstered by exact evidence.The investigation of gathering conduct has a long convention among social researchers in different orders; it doesn't limit itself to any of the perceived sociologies alone. The administration field has been among those keen on contemplating bunch conduct, especially in the Philippines where individuals even in the work setting have shown solid groupy propensities as appeared in their acts of â€Å"tayo-tayo†(we disorder), smooth relatio nal connections and â€Å"pagsasamahan†(togetherness). Qualification is made between human acts and demonstrations of man. The human demonstrations are those activities which man performs purposely, unreservedly and voluntarily.These activities are the aftereffect of cognizant information and are dependent upon the control of the will. We will allude to those activity as purposeful, deliberate, or willfully. The demonstrations of man are those activities which occur in man. They are natural and are not inside the control of the will. Such activities are the organic and physiological developments in man, for example, digestion, breath, dread, outrage, love and envy. Human conduct comprises of any demonstration of a distinctive individual that mirrors his musings feeling, feelings, and estimations and all in all, his state or condition.These might be cognizant or oblivious exercises that are anticipated on his needs, qualities, inspirations and desires. The specialty of human c onduct is an old as the connection between and among people and gatherings. Conduct adjustment depends on the reason that conduct is constrained by the idea of its results. The likehood that practices will be rehashed increments when it is joined by great results. Nonappearance of any critical outcomes prompts instinction of behavior.Thus, so as to acquire the ideal practices over the long haul, these must be went with. Related Studies According to Watson’s hypothesis, every single complex type of conduct †feelings, propensities, and such †are viewed as

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How Many Words Are in a Novel

How Many Words Are in a Novel If you have decided this is the year youre going to write that novel youve always told yourself you want to write, one aspect you need to consider when putting it together is how long it should be (if you want the best chance to get the novel published). There are no hard and fast rules on how long a novel should be if youre writing for your own pleasure. But if youre hoping to get it into print, publishers have certain expectations. Knowing what these are will give you a goal to shoot for when you plan your chapters and begin to write. Trying to get an unusually short book or an exceptionally long one published is something you should leave until youve made a name for yourself. When considering novels, its important to note there are a large variety of genres. As a general guideline, well include romances, thrillers, detective stories and attempts to make a mark in the world of serious literature as the core adult novels. While there are certainly other types of novels (see science fiction and fantasy below), this should cover most of these. So, how many words should there be in a novel you want to get published? Novels should be between 80,000 to 90,000 words. Publishers like to see 80,000 to just under 90,000 words for the average adult novel. 70,000 to just under 80,000 could be accepted, but might be seen as being a trifle too short. Anything less than 70,000 words is definitely too short. Novels over 100,000 words are getting to be on the long side. Anything over 110,000 words will almost certainly be considered too long by an agent or publisher. The reason for the upper limit is that printing costs increase once you exceed that word count. Thats not to say that books as long or longer havent been successfully printed, but agents would regard something that ambitious as an epic or a saga, and unless youre already well known, an overly lengthy book could hurt your chances of finding an agent and getting published. The lower word count limit is based on reader preferences. Are you giving your reader enough meat so they find the book satisfying? Unless youre producing a very light read, probably not. Once again, trying to push the lower limits for a novel is best attempted once you already have a following and are making your publisher a lot of money. Science Fiction and Fantasy novels break the above word count rules and can be longer How many words are there in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel? Science Fiction and Fantasy books should be 90,000 to 125,000 words. The acceptance of a more ambitious word count in these two genres is the need to describe whole new worlds and (presumably) original concepts. The issue to remember is the caveat about printing costs. When youre going into print for the first time, youre generally considered a bad risk, so going over 110,000 words might cause your publisher to have second thoughts. For your first Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel, you would do yourself a favor to try and come in on the lower end of 90,000 to 100,000 words to have the best shot at finding an agent or publisher. (Photo courtesy of Mark Morgan)

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How to Draw a Lewis Structure

A Lewis structure is a graphic representation of the electron distribution around atoms. The reason for learning to draw Lewis structures is to predict the number and type of bonds that may be formed around an atom. A Lewis structure also helps to make a prediction about the geometry of a molecule. Chemistry students are often confused by the models, but drawing Lewis structures can be a straightforward process if the proper steps are followed. Be aware there are several different strategies for constructing Lewis structures. These instructions outline the Kelter strategy to draw Lewis structures for molecules. Step 1: Find the Total Number of Valence Electrons In this step, add up the total number of valence electrons from all the atoms in the molecule. Step 2: Find the Number of Electrons  Needed to Make the Atoms Happy An atom is considered happy if the atoms outer electron shell is filled. Elements up to period four on the periodic table need eight electrons to fill their outer electron shell. This property is often known as the octet rule. Step 3: Determine the number of bonds in the molecule Covalent bonds are formed when one electron from each atom forms an electron pair. Step 2 tells how many electrons are needed and Step 1 is how many electrons you have. Subtracting the number in Step 1 from the number in Step 2 gives you the number of electrons needed to complete the octets. Each bond formed requires two electrons, so the number of bonds is half the number of electrons needed, or: (Step 2 - Step 1)/2 Step 4: Choose a Central Atom The central atom of a molecule is usually the least electronegative atom or the atom with the highest valence. To find electronegativity, either rely on periodic table trends or else consult a table that lists electronegativity values. Electronegativity decreases moving down a group on the periodic table and tends to increase moving from left to right across a period. Hydrogen and halogen atoms tend to appear on the outside of the molecule and are rarely the central atom. Step 5: Draw a Skeletal Structure Connect the atoms to the central atom with a straight line representing a bond between the two atoms. The central atom can have up to four other atoms connected to it. Step 6: Place Electrons Around Outside Atoms Complete the octets around each of the outer atoms. If there are not enough electrons to complete the octets, the skeletal structure from step 5 is incorrect. Try a different arrangement. Initially, this may require some trial an error. As you gain experience, it will become easier to predict skeletal structures. Step 7: Place Remaining Electrons Around the Central Atom Complete the octet for the central atom with the remaining electrons. If there are any bonds left over from Step 3, create double bonds with lone pairs on outside atoms. A double bond is represented by two solid lines drawn between a pair of atoms. If there are more than eight electrons on the central atom and the atom is not one of the exceptions to the octet rule, the number of valence atoms in Step 1 may have been counted incorrectly. This will complete the Lewis dot structure for the molecule. Lewis Structures vs Real Molecules While Lewis structures are useful, especially when youre learning about valence, oxidation states, and bonding, there are many exceptions to the rules in the real world. Atoms seek to fill or half-fill their valence electron shell. However, atoms can and do form molecules that are not ideally stable. In some cases, the central atom can form more than other atoms connected to it. Also, the number of valence electrons can exceed 8, especially for higher atomic numbers. Lewis structures are helpful for light elements but less useful for transition metals, including lanthanides and actinides. Students are cautioned to remember Lewis structures are a valuable tool for learning about and predicting the behavior of atoms in molecules, but they are imperfect representations of real electron activity.

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Short Story Chapter 1 - 1321 Words

â€Å"Yes, Captain I am fine with that.† â€Å"Okay, you are dismissed, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate, come straight to me.† â€Å"Don’t worry Captain if I have any questions I am sure Warren here will help me out.† He said with a dazzling smile and the first words I heard him speak. His country drawl hung deep in his words when he spoke. He clearly didn’t live around here his whole life. With that I got to my feet and left the Captain’s office and headed for my desk. He followed me like a lost puppy and pulled up a chair from another desk and sat with the back of the chair to his chest. â€Å"So, partner what do we got in store today?† He said with a sly smile on his face. â€Å"We don’t have anything to do, but I have something†¦show more content†¦I wanted to smack that smile off his face. I stared at him for a few minutes and realized that people were starting to stare and I felt my cheeks heat. I walked over to the elevator and hesitated, I really didn’t want to be trapped on there with him. So, I veered to the right and made my way down the stairs to the case file room. He followed me even though he stopped and looked at the elevator. He shrugged and kept going behind me. When we got down to the file room there was an officer sitting at the desk behind the locked gate. â€Å"Hey Warren† he stood up and dusted the chip crumbs from his uniform. His name was Stanley Upton and he was a good cop, but he stammered a lot when he spoke to me. He was about ten years older than me and put down here since he was shot on the job during a bank robbery five years back. I ignored the chip crumbs that he had still in his beard and smiled at him. â€Å"Hey Upton, I am here to sign out a cold case and I am showing the new Detective around the station. This is Detective Ford, Ford this officer Upton.† Upton’s smiled faded for just a second. Clearly not excited to see the new handsome Detective strutting around the station. That makes two of us. Upton handed me the sign in sheet and a bin to place our guns in, then he hit the buzzer to unlock the gate. â€Å"Do you need me to look up the case number and show you where it is?† â€Å"No, Upton I have looked into this case a few times I know exactly where itShow MoreRelatedShort Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 1971 Words   |  4 PagesIse said nothing though she did raise an eyebrow. Naoko coughed nervously and continued, â€Å"It’s just an idea but I’d like to at least try it out to see if it’ll even work and since you’re said to be really god with kidÃ…  I thought you could help me.† Ise’s face still looked unamused though when she spoke there was a hint of interest in her voice, â€Å"How did you come up with that idea?† The teen shrugged, â€Å"I read about a weapon Quincies have used called Seele Schneider. It’s like a sword but made ofRead MoreShort Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 1739 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"I guess Yuri was right, which is mildly convenient† Sabra said. â€Å"The place is almost empty, their numbers are extremely low.† Screaming from a young woman could be heard coming from another room, surprising them. Turning their attention in the direction the scream was coming from. Everyone tried to move towards the screaming, before being halted by Paisley. â€Å"One group can go check that out. We need to go and look for Vittorio, it shouldn’t be an issue to split up for a little.† â€Å"I’m certainRead MoreShort Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 11430 Words   |  6 Pagesher eyes, which were unable to see his in the darkness, then he checked to see Torins hand placed against her small waist more in reassurance than in having to hold her close to the wall. Once they reached the top landing, Duncan pulled the short braided rope attached to an old bronze ships bell. The clang rang off the stone walls which echoed loud enough to surly raise the dead at the very least to alert the household as was the intent. Duncan stepped back to let the door swing outward, whichRead MoreShort Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 12137 Words   |  9 Pagesbrothers got in and went back to the motel. â€Å"Fay gets the bed,† Sam was about to protest when Dean quickly shut him up. â€Å"She stabbed a ghost in the eye twice, killed him, made friends with a ghost, and saved both our asses,† Fay just grabbed her black shorts and tank then walked into the bathroom. Stripping down, she turned on the hot water, letting the warmed rinse off the dirt and grime from the asylum. Turning off the water, she grabbed her toothbrush. As she got out the toothpaste there was a knockRead MoreShort Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 12195 Words   |  9 Pageshappened to me would be considered within parameters. From there, they let me out of the machine and I faked being Sister long enough to be sent on my way.† Finishing off my water I set it down and nervously licked my lips. â€Å"And that’s basically my story. After leaving I got a new kit, put myself up in a hotel and over the next few days I wandered around, saw the city, did some research, and experimented a bit with being an Esper... Any questions?† Mikoto and Kuroko stared at each other and at Mikoto’sRead MoreShort Story Chapter 11266 Words   |  6 Pagesfright. Drakes smirk grew as he noticed this. You dont have a choice. As soon as those words made their way into the dead air he bolted towards the other boy. Shadow pushed Jace behind him and braced for the incoming attack, and not like other stories, this one hit its mark. He winced, and noted the body behind him. Activating the pipes in his calves he dashed towards a clearing only to take a fireball to the back. Come back and fight me coward! Drake was catching up fast. Shadow struggledRead MoreShort Story Chapter 1774 Words   |  4 PagesThey made it out of Viridian Forest not long after defeating that swarm of Beedrill. It was getting close to evening by the time they made it to the next route, so they stopped to make camp for the night. It would be another two hours before they could make it to Pewter City if they continued. It was safest to just make camp. They sat around the fire Spitfire had made for them. Misty was the only one who didnt release her Pokà ©mon. Rattata snuggled in Gabbys lap and ate from the bag of chips inRead MoreChapter 1 Short Story922 Words   |  4 Pagesfather’s council table. He looks to her for advice even in granting justice. Since her mother’s death, the Princess is more the Queen than anything els e. She might offer you some perspective.† Gwen nodded. She glanced toward the sky to see Sol just short of his zenith overhead. â€Å"Perhaps we should ride on then?† â€Å"We’d make Whitgate in a few hours. Perhaps we might find suitable lodgings afterwards?† Seeing Gwen’s reluctance to put her out further in her eyes, Blancheflor insisted, â€Å"You are my guestRead MoreChapter 1 : A Short Story1136 Words   |  5 PagesKaterina stepped out of the shadow of the filing cabinet. She pushed her hood down and swung her sniper off of her back before leaning it against the wall. â€Å"Hey Maria.† She said as she placed the suitcase onto agent Hills desk. The brunette glanced at her before she looked back to her computer screen and continued to type. â€Å"Hello, Shadow.† The young woman snorted and quickly appeared next Hill, slinging an arm over her shoulders. â€Å"Oh, don’t be like that. You know calling me ‘Agent Volkova’ overRead MoreShort Story : Chapter 11085 Words   |  5 PagesThe pillow seemed to sink a little, and Johnny died. I looked towards Dally, his face turned ten times younger, his face, his hard, mean, face had tears rolling down it. â€Å"...Johnny†¦Ã¢â‚¬  his voice whispered faintly, but Johnny said nothing. He could not. Dally had a pained expression that only someone who knew him could recognize, his hands were in fists. â€Å"We’re leaving,† Dally demanded, â€Å"Wait† the nurse said jogging towards us, â€Å"Johnny wanted you to have this.† she handed me Gone With the Wind. I took

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Symptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease - 1642 Words

Abstract Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder when brain cells degenerate and die. Alzheimer’s dieses destroys the patient’s memory within time. The mental functions of the brain also get destroyed when a person gets Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is most commonly seen when the patient is sixty to seventy years old. In this research paper the reader will learn about the signs and symptoms, causes, course of disease, outcome and secondary diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis and survival. Signs and Symptoms There are several different ways to tell if a person has or is getting Alzheimer’s disease. There are ten early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The first symptom is memory loss. Memory loss is the most common symptom. People with Alzheimer’s disease tend to forget new things, names, and dates of important events such as anniversaries or birthdates. Another thing that Alzheimer’s effects with memory is the short term part. This will make people with Alzheimer’s disease ask questions over and over again in anchors amount of time in between. The second symptom is having trouble to plan or solve problems, or completing familiar tasks at home. This is where it is hard for the people who have Alzheimer’s disease it is hard for them to do simple tasks such as cooking or following a recipe. Also, working with numbers such as paying the bills or balancing a checkbook. People with Alzheimer’s disease may a lso have trouble with doing the simpleShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease930 Words   |  4 PagesAlzheimer’s Disease Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years said â€Å"Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things never want to lose.† Memories are the things that are upheld, whether good or bad, those memories are imprinted in the mind and cannot be taken away that is, until later in life. As one ages it is natural for some memories to fade. Loss of memories and brain function deficits that occur and are not from normal aging may indicate a person is sufferingRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease3214 Words   |  13 Pages NEU ID: 001983161 Donepezil and other acetylcholinesterase inhibitors in Alzheimer’s disease Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease (AD), discovered by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1907, is the most common form of dementia. The early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is having difficulty in remembering recent events. At the advanced stage, the signs and symptoms of AD include: memory loss, confusion, trouble concentrating, frustration, irritability difficulty in saying, difficultyRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease2317 Words   |  10 Pagesthey age and the various experiences they go through. One of the most common diseases among older people is dementia. Among the different types of dementia, the most prevalent one is Alzheimer’s disease (AD). It is important to look at all of the signs and symptoms of each type of dementia to see which specific type best describes a person’s condition. There is one patient in particular, Betty, who has many signs and symptoms related to dementia. Betty is a 65-year old woman who has dementia runningRead MoreSy mptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease2374 Words   |  10 PagesAs a society, we are constantly faced with negative news about different diseases and genetic disorders. One genetic disorder that has affected the lives of many is, Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia that affects and causes problems with thinking, behavior and memory. Most of the time, symptoms of Alzheimer’s develop slowly and progress and worsen over time. Eventually the symptoms become severe enough that they begin to interfere with normal and daily tasksRead MoreSymptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease715 Words   |  3 PagesAlzheimer’s disease has long been considered as a irremediable illness for old people. According to the data collected by Alzheimer s Association(2016), the overall 5.4 million American suffers from Alzheimer s disease, and this population is growing in a certain rate for majority of this population aged 65 and up. Identify possib le Alzheimer’s symptom could be rather difficult because people are lack of the awareness of their implicit illness, which later contribute to the Alzheimer s disease. AlsoRead MoreSymptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease1006 Words   |  5 PagesAlzheimer s disease is a severe illness that affects the brain and leads to gradual memory loss, reduced intellectual ability and deterioration function of thinking. Alzheimer s disease (AD), the most common type of dementia, is a progressive neurological disorder that increasingly robs individuals of cognitive, behavioral, and functional skills (Demakis, 2007). The reason for the appearance this disease is a collection of disorders in the brain due to which its cells are dying partially. In theRead MoreSymptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease2043 Words   |  9 PagesAlzheimer’s disease. It took an emotional toll on me and my family members. I believe Alzheimer is much harder on me and my loved ones than on my grandfather; because he was un aware of what was going on. It’s painful watching my grandfather degrade and get worse each and every day. The worst thing is that he doesn’t even know who I am anymore. In this paper I will discuss certain risk factors, background of Alzheimer’s, Background of Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s disease was first identifiedRead MoreSymptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease810 Words   |  4 PagesAlzheimer’s disease As the world becomes more happy and joyful, people haven’t stepped into the world of Alzheimer’s yet. Just imagine losing your ability to do normal things you do every day and then you can’t do them anymore. Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes changes and differences in memory, behavior, and how the person’s brain works. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s worsen over time. (Alzheimer’s Association 2015). All of the family members will be affected if one person gets this disease. ThisRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease1222 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract Alzheimer’s is a disease that attacks the brain and can result in brain death. This disease is chronic and lately a lot of elderly are being diagnosed with it. Alzheimer’s disease can be referred to as a silent killer because once a person gets the diagnosis, they will have it permanently. Alzheimer’s Patients have a decreased short-term memory; this can result with the onset of confusion. At times, families with loved ones that encounter this disease usually have to change their lifestyleRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer s Disease1530 Words   |  7 Pages Hereditary Alzheimer’s Disease Introduction In the year 2015 5.3 million people in the US will have Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s Disease, also known as Presenile and Senile Dementia can have a genetic or environmental basis. Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of a more general group of memory disorders known as dementia. What differentiates Alzheimer’s from Dementia is how quick the progression of symptoms is. Characterized by debilitating memory loss, confusion, comprehension and

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Moby Dick Characters of Captain Ahab and Ishmael Essay Example For Students

Moby Dick Characters of Captain Ahab and Ishmael Essay Moby Dick Essays Moby Dick Characters of Captain Ahab and Ishmael The characters of captain Ahab and Ishmael are almost opposites. About the only things the two share in common are that they are both seamen and they both are on a hunt for a whale. Ishmael is a pleasing character, who plays the role of the main character as well as narrator. He is a common man who has a love for the sea, and goes to it to clear his mind whenever he feels down or feels that it is a damp, drizzly November in his soul. As for his physical appearance, he doesnt really specify. However, one might assume that he is a middle-aged man and probably holds the characteristics of the stereotypical seaman. But, what the character lacks in physical description, he makes up for with a full personality that his described extensively throughout the book. Ishmael is a man who seeks what is best described as inner peace. He is very content with himself when on the water, and has a great love for being a seaman. He joins the crew of the Pequod to satisfy his longing to be back on the ocean, but as it turns out, the particular voyage he is to set out on is not what he had suspected. For this ship would be commanded by a half-crazed captain in a desperate search for a viscous white whale. Over all, Ishmael is definitely the most civilized and wise man in the story. Captain Ahab is an overwhelmingly intimidating character in the story, and can probably be considered the most deranged of them all. His radical obsession with finding and killing the white whale known as Moby-Dick causes Ishmael and others of the crew to become frightened at his abnormal behavior. Ahabs physical appearance is best described as foreboding and evil. He is a tall man with gray hair, and is missing a leg due to a death-defying confrontation with Moby-Dick himself. His new artificial leg is made from the bone of whale and once again adds to his intimidating form. His personality is also quite mad. He has a maniacal presence about him and would risk his life and the lives of his crewmen just to fulfill his mission of demented revenge. Melville does a fine job describing this particular character with the utmost extremeness. The characters of Ishmael and Ahab are two that have a great and critical impact on the book. Ishmaels character allows the reader to relate to a love for nature and the earth, as well as a feeling of inner peace and serenity. While on the other hand, Ahabs character is one of chaos and udder madness. The two characters attitudes, thoughts, and feelings permit the reader to explore two polar opposites of the human personality. Ahabs character is critical to the story element in that without him, the reader could not really experience the insaneness of the voyage and the cruelty of the mission that they have set out to accomplish. On the other hand, without the character of Ishmael, the reader would not know how to react to Ahab, and furthermore would only be able too experience one side of the voyage. The reader would be unable to relate to Ahabs demented character, and therefore would have no one in the story to relate themselves to. Ishmaels character gives the reader someone to relate to and identify with. All in all, both characters let the reader better understand the story, and allow for an intense reading experience.